At Ranch One Kennels , Craig and Carol Thompson are breeding top quality English Pointers.   They are producing classy pointer puppies with high tails and strong noses. Their stud dogs and brood matrons are selected from top bloodlines that have exhibited the same traits that they want to breed into their pups. Also, occasionally they selectively cross some of their females to outside stud dogs to keep their gene pool diversified.

Craig has enjoyed guiding quail hunts in West Texas, where he previously managed a ranch that he set up for commercial quail hunting near Matador, Texas. He also has experience competing in top name field trails, such as the NBHA, ABHA, NSTRA, and AFTCA trials. Craig began training bird dogs professionally under the guidance of Hoppy Hopson at Hoppy's Kennel near Decatur, Texas. Since that time Craig has been successful handling dogs. Many of his dogs have been honored with dog of the year awards, numerous championships and one National Dog of the Year award.

Craig and Carol moved to northwest Arkansas in late 2004 where they have built new kennels and continue to produce pointers with strong noses, stamina, desire, and the class to win in championship competitions anywhere in the United States. As always, the number one goal at Ranch One Kennels is to have satisfied customers, pleased with any pup, started, or finished dog.

Ranch One Kennels breeding program has produced these Champions:

4X Ch./2X RU Ch. Kelly's Laser Eye

4X Ch./3X RU Ch. I B Boston

9X Ch./5X RU Ch. Kelly Talk'n Smak

14X Ch./7X RU Ch. Saddle Up Non Believers

1X RU Ch. I B Fenway

6X Ch./8X RU Ch. Tracer's Memory

1X Ch. High View Hank

1X Ch. I B Anxious

1X Ch./1X RU Ch. I B Dang

2X Ch./3X RU Ch. I B Checkbook Annie

1X Ch./1X RU Ch. I B Home Run

1X Ch. Cache Creek Red Zone

1X RU Ch. Kelly's American Idol

Ranch One Kennels breeding program has also produced three Futurity winners:

I B Boston, I B Fenway, and High View Hank

Most of the pointers for sale at Ranch One Kennels are strong in Fiddler blood down through Fiddlin Rocky Boy and I B Fiddler.  Evolution, White Knight's Button, and Elhew Damascus blood are also found scattered throughout our pedigrees.


Craig and Carol Thompson
1591 Madison 3625
Kingston AR, 72742
(479) 665-2588





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