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Free Things to do in Boston

Boston is a historic city that rides the line between small town and large metropolitan city. It’s also a cheap place to visit, and there are plenty of free things to do to when travelling via public transport or car to keep the travel budget low as well!

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail covers a range of historical sites and will give you plenty of information about Boston’s history. There is even a free audio podcast you can access to accompany the walk. You can easily spend many hours walking the trail, and it’s a great way to see the city and learn about its history.

The Common

The Common is America’s oldest park, and features some must-see public gardens and a frog pond that will delight adults and children alike. During the summer months, you can also catch a free Shakespearean play.

The Hatch Shell

Right next to the Charles River you’ll find a free gig venue called the Hatch Shell, where a range of summertime concerts and movies are played at no cost.

Castle Island

Castle Island in South Boston features the famous Fort Independence, along with beaches and running trails that are perfect for a picnic. Plus, access to the old fort is free!


You’ve no doubt heard of Harvard University in Cambridge, and when you visit the campus you can take a free tour to learn about the university’s history, architecture, myths and more. It’s also worthwhile checking out Harvard Square for its fantastic array of street musicians.

Free Beer Tours

You read correctly – Sam Adams, a major Boston brewery, offers free tours with samples provided! Around mid-afternoon, people of any age can head along to learn about the brewery, however only those over 21 can partake in the sampling.

Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain

This large free public space features running trails, gardens, flowers from all over the world and a gorgeous Bonsai tree collection. Arnold Aboretum is the perfect place for somewhere quiet to relax amongst amazingly picturesque scenery.

Boston offers free activities for all ages and many different interests, so be sure to take advantage of these no-cost locations during your visit!

Travel Las Vegas – A Few Things To Know Before You Visit

A great place to visit once the pandemic is over is Las Vegas, Nevada. Once you are there, you can tour local resorts that are just priced for as low as $25 a night and then dine in one of the many dozens of buffets that are just around $5.00. And of course, a great reason why you should visit the Entertainment Capital of the World is because of its world-class entertainment.

You are in for an unforgettable adventure when you visit Las Vegas. Here are some things to know before you visit.

Visit the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Life at the Las Vegas Boulevard is always exciting. Home to famous hotels such as Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, and the Stratosphere, there is always something for everyone on the Strip. A trip to the Boulevard will show you endless options to food and drink, and even musical shows.

The weather

While it is always hot in Las Vegas and might even reach over 110°F or 43.3°C in the summer, the City of Lights still gets plenty of visitors because of their varied hotel pools and day clubs. In the winter, the temperature remains mild enough to go outdoors which makes Las Vegas a great city to visit all year round.

Desert and mountains

If you are the adventurous type, Las Vegas is your true oasis. Visit Mount Charleston and you will be able to find 12 hiking trails, six campgrounds, seven picnic sites and even a ski area. Mount Charleston is the right place for you especially if you want a cooler alternative to the heat in the Valley and can also be visited all year round.

Bali Travel Guide – Safari Adventure To Include In Your Itinerary

Are you thinking of visiting Bali, Indonesia? Travelling to Bali, a sunny tropical island and breaking away from the distressing city life sounds like an ideal travel destination.

One place you should not miss is a trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park. It is the largest safari in Bali. The animal park showcases 400 wild animals that roams within enclosures that are quite similar to their natural habitats.

Bali Safari –
home to over a thousand amazing animals

Bali has a lot of things to offers to families and even couples can greatly enjoy the safari tour. Animals such as African hippos, camels, zebras, blackbucks, deer, baboons, Indian white tigers, and more will surely entertain.

Safari Tour

The Bali Safari tour starts as you go through the man-made habitats of Indonesia, India and Africa on modified safari trams. You will find wild animals as they live naturally in the open range regions while you enjoy from the safety and comfort of the safari tram.

Main exhibits of the safari and park includes going through a replica of an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajasthan called Ranthambore where the white tigers are in. There is also Kampung Gajah or elephant village, which is a sanctuary for retired working elephants.

What you should know

Touring Bali Safari and Marine Park will take most of your day. There are a lot to see and do once there. It is best if you have your transport or even a return transfer to your hotel. To keep up with the adventure, make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as the climate can get hot.

Travel Indonesia: What To Do In Bali

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia and for good reason. Those who visit this island will experience a combination of fascinating structures and culture, salty air, great beaches, religious beliefs, and friendly people.

If you are visiting the island soon, here are our top lists of what you can do in Bali aside from swimming on the beach:

Visit the Uluwatu Temple. Built around the 17th century, the temple is made of three parts: the outer, middle and inner sections. Tourists can take photos around the temple, even when a worshiper is preparing their offerings as this is a way to introduce the Hindu Balinese culture to them. However, taking photos at the inner part of the temple is prohibited since this part is only accessible for worshippers and the part is considered holy.

Watch the Kecak Dance in Uluwatu. The Kecak Dance performance can be watched at the small open theatre in Uluwatu and is mostly done during big temple celebrations. The performance is a dance and musical love story of Rama and Shinta. It is also a holy dance and is performed mostly by men sitting in a circle singing “Cak! Cak! Cak!” for mostly an hour.

Tour the Ubud Monkey Forest. Located in the town of Ubud, this monkey forest is home to a number of long-tail macaques. A stay at the hotel may even lead you to experience breakfast with them. A word of caution though, monkeys are territorial, so be careful where you sit on or step into.

Best Places To Go To Make Your London Visit a Fun and Exciting Tour

The city of London is considered the ancient centre of London but is also the smallest city in England. The London that we mostly know today, covers a much wider metropolitan area and has around 9 million residents.

London is split into four unique areas such as the North, West, South and East London where every district has its own distinct feature.

If you are going to visit London, here are some of the best places to go to:


Westminster is the home to the Houses of Parliament and the famous Big Ben. It is also considered the political hub of London. When in Westminster, expect to hear the iconic clock tower to chime every hour. You can also, find Westminster Abbey and visit Parliament Square where famous political statues such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill are placed.


Camden is a famous cultural neighbourhood located in the north of London. You will find different types of people here and the city has a vibrant mood to it. If you are interested to have your tattoo, you can find a lot of piercing and tattoo shops here.

You will also find different kinds of street food from international cuisines and different stalls offering unique artwork and trinkets when you visit Camden Market. You could rummage through different clothing racks, find a good book to read or eat the city’s best vegan bakeries while touring the city.


Soho is normally considered as the centre of London’s LGBTQ community as they have a lot of gay and lesbian bars that travellers can check after the sun goes down. Aside from bars and clubs, Soho also has a number of theatres, jazz bars and restaurants to explore, which makes it a cultural hotspot.

Great Island-Hopping Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippine has a lot to offer and it’s up to us to explore the beauty of its many islands. There are amazing places to go island hopping in the country. If you’re looking for a unique island experience, you can first go to Palawan then head to Siargao.

El Nido (Palawan)

El Nido is recognised as one of the most fascinating islands in the world. You will surely enjoy the beautiful beaches and island hopping tour. There are many things you can do in Palawan, so if you are going here a day is definitely not enough to enjoy the islands many offerings. You should have plenty of time to enjoy the virgin islands, white sandy beaches, mangrove forests, enchanting lagoons, and towering marble cliffs.

Siargao (Surigao del Norte)

The teardrop-shaped island is located in the province of Surigao del Norte. Siargao is recognized as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. If you’re not into surfing, you will love the island life where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, fresh sea breeze, and abundant seafood.

Island-hopping tour usually includes a visit to Naked Island, a stretch of white sand with no trees; a luscious barbeque lunch in Daku Island; and a stopover to Guyam Island, where you can enjoy the beauty of the island all by yourself. Another fascinating island-hopping area is Socorro, a town in Surigao del Norte. It is popular for Tojoman Lagoon, where you can find stingless jellyfish; cliff diving in Magkukuob Cave; and the underwater cave of Hagukan where one of the tiny passages is actually bioluminescent.

These two great island hopping destinations are some of the best islands to enjoy island hopping, snorkelling, scuba diving, and other kinds of water adventure you can think of. Check out some photos of these places and you will see why they are tourist attractions of the Philippines.

Travel Credit Card – Is It Worth Getting It?

People love to use their credits wherever they go and for travellers, this simple plastic can do wonders. If you travel regularly, having a travel rewards credit card can come in handy. However, there are so many cards to choose from and you may find it very difficult to choose the right one.

Since the choices are many, a lot of people end up just using a debit card instead. But this is a bad idea because by not using a travel credit card, you are also losing the perks your credit card is offering.

Travel credit cards provide a lot of opportunities to get free points that you can redeem for hotels, airfares, and even cold hard cash. And since credit card companies are in a competition against other travel brands, you will be offered to sign up bonuses, special discounts, loyalty points, and a lot more just so you will sign with them. Their desire to get you as a computer will also be your gain as you receive free air tickets, vacations, hotels, and cash back.

There is actually no perfect card since every card offers different benefits. It is up to you and your goals. Do you want rewards and bonuses to get free flights? Do you want to avoid fees or are you interested in loyalty to a brand? Better assess your needs first and see what fits you.

For a lot of travellers, getting those points and miles have allowed them to travel the world inexpensively, and you can also do that too. This is why signing up for a travel credit card is necessary as this will be your own gateway to free travel!