Best Places To Go To Make Your London Visit a Fun and Exciting Tour

The city of London is considered the ancient centre of London but is also the smallest city in England. The London that we mostly know today, covers a much wider metropolitan area and has around 9 million residents.

London is split into four unique areas such as the North, West, South and East London where every district has its own distinct feature.

If you are going to visit London, here are some of the best places to go to:


Westminster is the home to the Houses of Parliament and the famous Big Ben. It is also considered the political hub of London. When in Westminster, expect to hear the iconic clock tower to chime every hour. You can also, find Westminster Abbey and visit Parliament Square where famous political statues such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill are placed.


Camden is a famous cultural neighbourhood located in the north of London. You will find different types of people here and the city has a vibrant mood to it. If you are interested to have your tattoo, you can find a lot of piercing and tattoo shops here.

You will also find different kinds of street food from international cuisines and different stalls offering unique artwork and trinkets when you visit Camden Market. You could rummage through different clothing racks, find a good book to read or eat the city’s best vegan bakeries while touring the city.


Soho is normally considered as the centre of London’s LGBTQ community as they have a lot of gay and lesbian bars that travellers can check after the sun goes down. Aside from bars and clubs, Soho also has a number of theatres, jazz bars and restaurants to explore, which makes it a cultural hotspot.